Become an STS National Database Participant

There are numerous benefits to participating in the STS National Database:

  • Helps improve patient outcomes
  • Identifies initiatives and new areas for quality improvement
  • Documents the quality of care delivered by your practice
  • Enables risk modeling of major procedures
  • Offers access to data for assessment of new technology and techniques
  • Provides the option to publicly report your star ratings
  • Meets the The American Board of Thoracic Surgery Maintenance of Certification Part IV – Evaluation of Performance in Practice

International institutions are encouraged to join the Database. Learn more about the benefits of international participation.

If you have any questions about joining the STS National Database, please contact Susan Becker, STS National Database Manager, via email or at 312-202-5828.

How to Join the Database

Step 1: Email Susan Becker to receive a copy of the Participant Contact Form and the Participation & Business Associates/Data Use Agreement. On the Participant Contact Form, please include contact information for the following persons at a minimum:

  • All surgeons/anesthesiologists participating
  • Surgeon Representative
  • Anesthesiologist Representative (if applicable)
  • Billing Contact
  • Data Quality Report Recipient
  • National Report Recipient
  • Contract Contact
  • Primary (and Backup) Data and File Contacts
  • Marketing Contact

Step 2: Identify an STS Certified/Harvest Compliant Software Vendor.

Step 3: Fill out and return the Participation and Business Associates/Data Use Agreement to Susan Becker. Once the agreements are fully executed, a five-digit Participant ID # (PID) will be issued. 

Step 4: Designated Data Manager enters data into STS Certified/Harvest Compliant Software according to the harvest schedule. Data Manager then submits data file to Duke Clinical Research Institute (DCRI) for analysis.

How to Join the Anesthesia Component

Anesthesia components are available for both the Adult Cardiac Surgery Database and Congenital Heart Surgery Database. To join, complete the following steps.

Step 1: Fill out the Participant Contact Form. Make sure to indicate in Section 1 that you are adding the anesthesia component. You will need to provide contact information for all anesthesiologists that will be contributing data.

Step 2: Email Susan Becker to obtain the Participation Agreement and Business Associates/Data Use Agreement. If you are already a Participant in the ACSD or CHSD, please be aware that all existing surgeons will need to re-sign the agreements.

Step 3: Return both documents to Susan Becker.

Step 4: After the agreements are countersigned by STS, your account will be activated, and you will be able to submit data for analysis. Please note: You will be invoiced within 1 month after the anesthesia component is added. You can find a list of anesthesia component fees below.

US and Canada Fees for the STS National Database
  Adult Cardiac
Surgery Database

General Thoracic Surgery Database

Congenital Heart Surgery Database
If a majority of participating surgeons are STS members $3,500 flat fee per year + $150 per participating surgeon $550 per participating surgeon $4,500 flat fee per year + $5 per record
If majority of participating surgeons are not STS members $4,750 flat fee per year + $350 per participating surgeon $700 per participating surgeon $6,500 flat fee per year + $5 per record
Anesthesiology Component $2,500 flat fee N/A $3,300 flat fee

All fees are billed annually. For international pricing, please contact Susan Becker.

Take advantage of lower participation fees as an STS member by applying for membership today!