Every year, the Society invites members to volunteer for service within the STS governance structure using an online self-nomination utility. 

STS members who are interested in serving in an STS leadership capacity should submit their self-nominations and accompanying conflict of interest disclosure when the month-long self-nomination process is open during August 2024. To view a full listing of the Society’s leadership bodies, visit the Workforces and Committees page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can self-nominate?

Any STS Surgeon, Resident/Fellow, Medical Student, or Associate Member in good standing is eligible to self-nominate. The Society’s leadership is committed to increasing the diversity of those serving in STS leadership, and diversity, equity, and inclusion is an important lens through which the leadership evaluates potential appointments.

Who makes leadership appointments?

According to the STS Bylaws, the incoming President (First Vice President) recommends appointments to standing committees and workforces. The Executive Committee is responsible for approving the incoming President’s recommended slate of appointees.

Am I guaranteed an appointment?

No. The Society’s leadership seeks to make appointments that best advance the STS mission and provide opportunities to qualified candidates without current leadership roles. Given the significant number of leadership recommendations and self-nominations received every year and the relatively limited number of available positions, it is not possible to find roles for all self-nominees.

When will I learn whether or not I received an appointment?

All self-nominees are typically notified whether or not they received an appointment by the end of December in the year that they self-nominate.

Are there other ways that I can serve if I do not receive an appointment?

Your self-nomination materials will be provided to the chairs of all STS standing committees and workforces in which you expressed interest. Even if you are not appointed to an STS standing committee or workforce, you very well may be contacted for service on a subcommittee or task force (in most cases, appointments to subcommittees and task forces are made by the chair of the overseeing standing committee or workforce rather than the Executive Committee).

If you have any questions about the STS governance structure and the self-nomination process, please contact us.