Areas of responsibility will include general oversight of the STS Research Center, including those federally funded studies and other research grants made to the Society under its auspices; promotion of scientific areas of research suitable for the Society; education and guidance for new investigators, including ethical standards for research; and development, support and facilitation of clinical trials in thoracic surgery.

Benjamin D. Kozower, Chair — St. Louis, MO
Elaine E. Tseng, Vice Chair — San Francisco, CA
Shahab A. Akhter — Greenville, NC
Pavan Atluri — Philadelphia, PA
Luca Bertolaccini — Milan, Italy
Traves D. Crabtree — Springfield, IL
Mario F.L. Gaudino — New York, NY
Tyler Grenda — Philadelphia, PA
Donald S. Likosky — Ann Arbor, MI
Constantine D. Mavroudis — Philadelphia, PA
Meena Nathan — Boston, MA
Thomas A. Schwann — Springfield, MA
Frank W. Sellke — Providence, RI
Kei Suzuki — Falls Church, VA
Paul Tang — Rochester, MI
Matthew L. Williams — New Haven, CT