Areas of responsibility will include liaison with the Joint Council on Thoracic Surgery Education, generating interest in thoracic surgery among medical students and general surgery residents, developing resources for thoracic surgery residents, including educational programming, mentoring initiatives, and help with identifying employment opportunities.

Elizabeth A. David, Chair — Aurora, CO
Erin A. Gillaspie, Vice Chair — Nashville, TN
Sandeep N. Bharadawaj — Chicago, IL
Alejandro Bribriesco — Shaker Heights, OH
Joshua Chan — Atlanta, GA
Garrett N. Coyan — Nashville, TN
Tracy R. Geoffrion — Milwaukee, WI
Christopher E. Greenleaf — Houston, TX
Jeremy Herrmann — Indianapolis, IN
Robert Hetz — Houston, TX
Jessica L. Hudson — Durham, CA
Doraid Jarrar — Philadelphia, PA
Anita R. Krueger — Fort Worth, TX
Michael Ma — Stanford, CA
Sara Pereira — Salt Lake City, UT
Allan Pickens — Nashville, TN
Evan P. Rotar — Charlottesville, VA
McKenna Schimmel — Rochester, MN
Benjamin Smood — Philadelphia, PA
John M. Stulak — Rochester, MN
Betty C. Tong — Durham, NC