1. The content of the program must be based upon the best and most updated evidence available in the content area(s) covered.
  2. The program should be fair, balanced, and not promotional in nature and content.
  3. The content cannot disparage other products or educational programs.
  4. The content must be germane to the work of STS members.
  5. The content must ultimately be directed toward the benefit of patients.
  6. If CME credit is provided, the program must be approved for AMA PRA category 1 creditTM by the sponsoring organization.


  1. The Workforce on Clinical Education will vet activities for which STS endorsement is sought with input from the Chair of the Council on Meetings and Education (at his/her discretion) and make recommendations to the Executive Committee with regard to the request.
  2. STS must approve the objectives and final program.
  3. The organization seeking endorsement must disclose the background of all speakers, including information regarding their potential conflicts of interest, and STS must have an opportunity to provide comment/input regarding the speakers.
  4. STS-members should be included as speakers for the program where possible.
  5. If wet labs are to be used for demonstrating new procedures and techniques, STS members should be involved in the teaching.
  6. STS will not provide endorsement for any third-party program that includes a live surgery component.
  7. The program objectives should include an outcomes component that demonstrates the intended impact of the educational activity on the clinical practice of participants.
  8. The program as offered to physicians must be in compliance with the Society of Thoracic Surgeon's Ethical Standards for Cardiothoracic Surgeons Relating to Industry.
  9. The program must be in compliance with ACCME Essentials, Elements, Policies, and Starndards if AMA PRA category 1 creditTM is awarded.
  10. The program may not be scehdule to take place on the same dates as those of major meetings conducted by international, national and regional cardiothoracic surgery and related medical specialty societies.
  11. An application fee must be paid prior to any review of the proposed educational activity.


  1. Organizations sponsoring activities approved for STS endorsement will have the right to use the STS name and logo (trademark license) for that program only.
  2. One set of STS member mailing labels will be provided to the industry partner for a one time use to market the program.
  3. STS will retain approval rights for any marketing material that bears the STS name or logo.
  4. STS members will be granted a discount on the program if a registration fee is involved.

Amended: April 30, 2017 (STS Board of Directors)