Improvement Activities (IA) Component of the MIPS Composite Score

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This category, which accounts for 15% of the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) Composite Score, represents a new opportunity for cardiothoracic surgeons to be recognized for engaging in activities that contribute to higher quality health care. MIPS participants may select from more than 90 possible IAs. Eligible activities focus on beneficiary engagement, care coordination, behavioral and mental health, achieving health equity, population management, practice assessment, expanded practice access, and more.

To receive the maximum score for this category, clinicians must perform an IA for a minimum of 90 days during the performance period. In general, clinicians must attest to performing either:

  • Two 20-point, high-weighted activities;
  • Four 10-point, medium-weighted activities; or
  • Another combination of high- and medium-weighted activities equaling 40 points.

 Small (15 or fewer clinicians and solo practitioners) and rural practices are only required to attest to one high-weighted or two medium-weighted activities to receive the full performance score in this category.

Keep in mind that clinicians who use certified electronic health record technology to perform certain IAs are eligible for bonus points in the ACI category.

STS has identified improvement activities that may be relevant to cardiothoracic surgery practices, although you are encouraged to review the entire inventory and decide which activities are most appropriate for your specific practice. You may be able to fulfill several IAs through your participation in a Qualified Clinical Data Registry, such as the STS National Database.

Improvement Activities Relevant to Cardiothoracic Surgery

Last updated: 5/16/2017