This year STS is launching a new process for electing officers and directors to bring greater transparency and member engagement into our nominating process. The new process incorporates open nominations to be accepted between Monday, April 15, and Friday, May 31, 2024:

For the first time, any member may self-nominate or nominate other members for an officer or director position.

  • Each nomination must accompanied by a minimum of three letters of support (with a maximum of five letters of support). Third-party nominators may themselves provide one of the support letters; self-nominators must obtain support letters from a minimum of three other STS members. 
  • Members are not limited in the number of eligible members they choose to support via nomination or endorsement (with the caveat that backing numerous candidates may dilute the impact of their support).
  • To enable members to understand the scope of the responsibilities and requirements associated with officer and director roles, STS is providing detailed descriptions for each officer and director position.

Open Positions

For 2024, STS is encouraging members to nominate a colleague or self-nominate for the following open officer and director positions:

Nominate Now


Nomination Requirements

When preparing a nomination, nominators will need to be prepared to:

  • Create a login on the nomination platform
  • Provide general information about the nominee
  • Provide the nominee’s CV
  • Indicate whether the nominee is willing and able to perform the duties of the position
  • Describe the nominee’s suitability for the position in 250 words or less
  • Summarize the nominee’s potential conflicts of interest, including positions of influence within related societies/associations
  • Provide a minimum of three letters of support (with a maximum of five letters of support) from STS leaders (one of which may be a letter from the nominator; self-nominees must obtain letters from three to five other STS members); letters of support should describe how the nominee exemplifies the STS core values of Leadership, Quality, Professionalism, Innovation, Collaboration, and Diversity/Equity/Inclusion and/or how the nominee would be a contributing leader on the STS Board of Directors.

As per past practice, the Nominating Committee will prepare a slate of nominees for election at the Annual Membership (Business) Meeting typically held in conjunction with the upcoming STS Annual Meeting.