October 29, 2021
1 hr. 7 min.


In this episode, Dr. Michael Maddaus interviews Dr. Wayne Sotile, an expert in resilience and work/life balance for high performing people and considered one of the world’s most seasoned clinicians specializing in life coaching for physicians. Over the years, he has counseled and coached more than 30,000 physicians and their families, while gaining a deep, critical understanding of the relationship dynamics and lifestyles of physicians. Dr. Sotile describes the “privilege” of physicians and medical families allowing him “private glimpses into their psychosocial underbelly.” He specifically addresses the loneliness that surgeons and other health care professional sometimes feel and describes the importance of updating our “mental maps” and embracing a pride of survivorship. “Get out of the internal beating up of ourselves and others with blaming or shaming messages. Nobody ever grows from being blamed or shamed,” Dr. Sotile reminds listeners. Physicians, he says, need to recognize that they are extraordinary people—smarter, work harder, and more hard-headed than most. Hear many more emotionally powerful messages and practical, solution-focused advice. 

“The Resilient Surgeon” is a program from the Society designed to inspire cardiothoracic surgeons to be their best selves, in and out of the OR, using scientifically proven tools and recovery strategies of the world’s top performers.

Dr. Sotile can be reached at sotile.com

Learn more about STS wellness efforts at sts.org/wellness.