In this episode of Same Surgeon, Different Light, your host, Dr. David T. Cooke, talks with Dr. Ikenna Okereke, vice chair of the department of surgery at Henry Ford Health, and Dr. Mark Henderson, professor of medicine and vice chair of education at UC Davis Health, about the role of education in medical workforce diversity.

Together, they address the need for an intentional, progressive approach to creating a more inclusive workforce and the significant impact diversity within the field has on decreasing healthcare inequalities, boosting workforce engagement and retention, and providing support for underrepresented communities. "Diversity brings improved results," said Dr. Okereke. "When a workforce is more representative, we reduce mistrust and improve access in marginalized communities."

Listen to the podcast (above) or watch the video version (below). This episode was recorded at the 2024 STS Annual Meeting in San Antonio, Texas.