A globally recognized expert in the management of lung cancer, Dr. Donington shares how her love of science and her childhood as one of eight shaped her and her career.
34 min.
An artificial intelligence strategist for the Department of Defense and skilled cardiothoracic and transplant surgeon, Dr. Tetteh has completed more than 20 marathons and authored several books.
56 min.
Dr. Molena shares how her medical journey brought her to the United States—which required repeating much of her European training—and the importance of finding a community of supporters at each step.
1 hr. 15 min.
Dr. David Tom Cooke interviews Dr. Mark Orringer—a general thoracic surgery pioneer who developed the transhiatal esophagectomy, the most prevalent surgery for esophageal cancer.
1 hr. 3 min.
A conversation with Haytham Kaafarani, MD, MPH, about Second Victim Syndrome.
1 hr. 2 min.
Listen as the conversation explores the ways in which toughness and resilience equip individuals with the skills to succeed and become their best selves.
1 hr. 7 min.
Porath has dedicated her career to understanding the business and personal impacts of how people treat one another in the workplace, and how the influence of leaders plays a huge role in happiness and engagement at work.
1 hr. 14 min.
Buckingham’s work focuses on unlocking people’s strengths, increasing their performance, and defining a better future for how people work.
1 hr. 10 min.
Drawing from his 20-plus years of experience in the Navy, Diviney came to understand that even individuals at the highest levels of physical and mental capabilities can sometimes fail to perform in specific situations.
1 hr. 3 min.
Learn about the Big Five Personality Traits: openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism
1 hr. 15 min.
What is psychological safety? According to Dr. Edmondson, it is a belief that one will not be punished or humiliated for speaking up with ideas, questions, concerns, or mistakes, and that the team is safe for inter-personal risk-taking.
1 hr. 2 min.
Dr. Conti discusses psychological trauma: what it is and its far-reaching, profound effects on the mind and body.
1 hr. 11 min.