Silver Linings from the COVID Pandemic

During a recent STS webinar on “Early Career Surgeons, COVID-19, and the Future,” panelists described some of the things that the pandemic has helped them better appreciate.


“One of the things that has really struck me is how much the patients themselves mean to me. It reminds me of why I went through all of this training and why the hard days are worth it. It’s all about the patients.”

Elizabeth A. David, MD, MAS

“Specific to the COVID crisis, there really was an ‘all hands on deck’ sense of solidarity both within and outside of the hospital. I think that is something that we desperately need to remember and keep hold of moving forward. Being reminded of our common humanity, I hope that mindset becomes the new normal.”

Melanie A. Edwards, MD

“We can take comfort in knowing that this pandemic will end. It may take until the end of the year, but it will end. So embrace the challenges, appreciate every day that you are healthy, and keep focusing on your mission and your patients.”

Gabriel Loor, MD

“I have learned that the things that are with you day in and day out are your family, your colleagues, and your patients. Really value those things in times of crisis and in times of calm.”

HelenMari L. Merritt-Genore, DO