Next Generation STS National Database FAQs

Beginning in January 2020, a major transformation will take place to the STS National Database and three of its component databases – the ACSD, the GTSD, and the CHSD. 

The Society of Thoracic Surgeons has partnered with IQVIA as the next generation data warehouse. IQVIA is a leading global provider of real-world technology solutions. Surgeons and data managers have been actively working with the STS and IQVIA to develop enhanced data collection and reporting tools that will make it easier to visualize and interact with your data.

General Information

Who is IQVIA?

IQVIA uses Human Data Science — the integration of data science, technology, and human science — to help customers address both current needs and future opportunities. But to get there, to make Human Data Science work, for you, you need a seamless integration of unparalleled data, advanced analytics, transformative technology, and deep domain expertise. 
For more information, go to

What about my current vendor?

Nothing will change with your current vendor relationship.

Are there any costs associated with the IQVIA registry dashboard?

No. All the new, enhanced functionality will come to you at no additional cost.

Do we need a BAA/DU or new contract with IQVIA?

No. STS has a sub agreement with IQVIA.

Functionality and Timing 

When is Go-Live for phase 1?

The Uploader, Data Quality Report (DQR), Missing Variable Report and Participant Dashboards will be available in a phased rollout beginning January 2020.

Future Phases

Additional functionality will be implemented across several phases during the project roll-out. STS and IQVIA will share more information as the additional functionality is enabled within the platform.

Will dashboards allow users to drill down to view case data?

Yes. Users will have the ability to drill down and view case data within the IQVIA registry dashboard.

Is there an option for direct web-based data entry through the IQVIA platform?

Not in Phase I. However, this is planned for a future release, tentatively July 2020.

Can I print or export reports?

Yes. All reports can be exported to PDF, PowerPoint or Excel with the option to print. 

Username and Password 

How do I receive my username and password?

STS will communicate closer to the product launch when usernames and passwords will be issued to access the new system. The emails will be sent from the address, so make sure to whitelist this address to avoid delays in receiving login credentials. 

Note: It may be necessary to solicit the assistance of your IT department to create or add to your whitelist. This is to ensure that any blocking program, such as a spam filter, allows emails from a specific address or domain to be delivered. 

I use another IQVIA registry. Can I use the same login credentials (username and password)?

No. Each registry that is supported by IQVIA has its own database for security and privacy reasons. Therefore, login credentials for the STS National Database are separate from other registries. 

I support multiple participants/facilities that use the STS Database. Do I need a different login for each?

No. Each user has one login and password. All associated Participant Groups will be available in the IQVIA Registry Dashboard for the user to choose at login.

How do I change my password?
  • Type the valid User Name & Password and sign in to the IQVIA Registry Dashboard.
  • Once Authenticated, user can change the current password.
  • Navigate to the My Account section for password changes.
  • Type your Current Password, New Password and re-type New Password in the "Enter Again" field.
  • The new password must match password criteria specified in the Password Policy.
  • Click on the submit change button to create your new password. You will be redirected to the designated home page when the password change is completed. When you log in the next time, be sure to use the new password. 
  • Note: If the password change is unsuccessful, you will remain on the "Change Your Password" page.
  • The new password will remain valid until you reset your password again. There is no minimum timeframe on password validity.   
  • Change password actions are audited.
What is the password policy?
  • Your password must be at least 8 characters long.
  • Your password must comply with any 3 of the below attributes
    • At least one upper case alphabetic character(A-Z)
    • At least one lower case character(a-z)
    • At least one numeric character (0-9)
    • At least one symbol (non-alphabetic, non-numeric)
  • Your password must not contain your current username, first name, or last name nor contain any 4 consecutive characters of your current username, first name, or last name. Case sensitivity is ignored. Example: Password for Lou Samuels shall not contain Lou or Samu.
  • Your password should not match any of the previous 6 passwords. This count of 6 will include temporary passwords, except the first temporary password automatically generated by the system when the user's account is created.
  • Your password (including temporary password) should not match with any commonly used/expected/ compromised passwords.
  • Passwords will expire in 90 days after being set, please follow these password guidelines to create a new password after expiry 
  • Note: Every password will be stored in the encrypted state and will not be visible to anyone viewing the database 
  • Although it is not mandatory or an attribute, password can contain passphrases and whitespaces.
    • Example: "Password Sample1" or "I have a Strong password.
  • Note: IQVIA will update the commonly used/expected/compromised passwords list several times a year.
I forgot my password, how do I reset my password?
  • Users who have forgotten their password will be able to select the “Forgot Password?” link displayed on the login page. 
  • The “Forgot Password” link will navigate the user to the “Reset Password” page. 
  • The user will be required to enter a valid username and click on the “Submit” button. 
  • On submission of the user name, the system will validate the user account. 
    • If the account is not found, a message will be displayed to the user to notify them with the next steps for assistance. 
    • If the account is found AND at least 2 challenge questions have been created, the system will display those challenge questions to the user to answer. 
  • Once correct answers are provided for those challenge questions, the system will send an email to reset the password.
I had 5 login attempts and have locked my account. What do I do?
  • Your account will be locked after 5 consecutive failed attempts to log in with the same username and incorrect password
  • If you attempt to login with a locked account by entering a valid username and password, a message will be displayed indicating the account is locked
  • The system will require a valid username and password for users to authenticate. Users with a locked account will not be successfully authenticated
  • A locked user account will remain locked until an administrator unlocks the account
  • Contact IQVIA support for assistance
Can I create challenge questions in the IQVIA Registry Dashboard to allow me to reset my password?

At initial login, there will be a prompt to set up Challenge Questions. However, they can be accessed later under the My Account section and either completed or modified. If the challenge questions do not have a response, the system will display the notification message each time the user logs into the application.


How much data do I have to submit?

Harvest reporting is now continuous! Although there is no minimum amount of data required for any single upload, data must be submitted before harvest close in order to be included in analysis. For example, if Harvest 1 2020 closes on February 14, 2020 then all data through December 31, 2019 (final day of the reporting period) must be submitted by midnight Eastern Time the day of harvest close.

What information is required when I upload a file?

There is no need to enter information such as ParticipantID, date range or number of records at time of upload. The user will simply choose the file and begin the upload process.

How do I access my data quality report (DQR)?

The DQR will now be available in the IQVIA Registry Dashboard after data upload with interactive links to aid in troubleshooting issues in your submitted file.

Who can submit data from our site?

Primary and Back Up Data and File Contacts can submit data if they have a username and password.

Why did my file fail processing?

The uploader will display a message to indicate the reason for the file failure. You can also reference the product guide for further information regarding specific error messages.


Which browsers are supported for the IQVIA registry product?

Windows Desktop

  • Internet Explorer version 10 and greater
  • Chrome version 54 and greater
  • Firefox version 50 and greater
  • Microsoft Edge version 38 and greater


  • Safari version 10 and greater

Mobile and Tablet Devices

  • iOS (iOS6+)
  • Safari Version 10 and greater
  • Android (4.0+)
  • Chrome version 54 and greater
Do we have to upload our historic data to IQVIA?

No. IQVIA migrated your data from DCRI. The last 2 versions of data will be available in the IQVIA Registry Dashboard for review and analysis. All additional historic data is being stored by IQVIA and can be made available upon request. 

There is no action required on your part to migrate historic data.

How are updates managed?

Users will be alerted to updates via Notifications in the IQVIA Registry Dashboard. Whenever possible they will be scheduled during nonpeak hours. Since the dashboard is web based, there is no action required by users to complete updates.

Support and Training 

How do I get training?

Training will occur via recorded videos and users will have access to product documentation. The How-To videos will be available on the STS website.  
How-To videos will be available for each report and product guides will be accessed through the Library menu option in the IQVIA Registry Database.

Who do I contact for support and questions?

Questions regarding this transition can be submitted to STS at
Support of the IQVIA Registry Database will be addressed by IQVIA via either email or phone

Data Quality Report

Why do I receive a warning that a record is a duplicate and was updated in the Data Quality Report?

As a part of the new database, the system will check to see if there is an existing record for a case when it is being submitted via the uploader.  If the case has been previously submitted, the data is updated based on the last submission.  In the Data Quality Report, there will be a warning listed for the record indicating that the record is a duplicate of an existing record. The existing record has been updated.  This is not a system error, but rather a way for the system to confirm to the Data Manager that the existing record was successfully updated.