Areas of responsibility will include developing resources for cardiothoracic surgeons to assist them during the first 7 years of practice, including educational programming, mentoring initiatives, and resources that will be of value both in the transition from residency to employment or private practice and in early practice development.

Olugbenga Okusanya, Chair — Pittsburgh, PA
Brian A. Mitzman, Vice Chair — Salt Lake City, UT
Elisabeth U. Dexter — Buffalo, NY
Amy Fiedler — San Francisco, CA
Erin A. Gillaspie — Nashville, TN
Biniam Kidane — Winnipeg, Canada
Min Kim — Houston, TX
Anita R. Krueger — Fort Worth, TX
Nahush Mokadam — Columbus, OH
David B. Nelson — Carrollton, TX
Jay Pal — Seattle, WA
Jessica Y. Rove — Aurora, CO
Sahar A. Saddoughi — Rochester, MN
Derek R. Serna-Gallegos — Pittsburgh, PA
Betty C. Tong — Durham, NC
Panos Vardas — Birmingham, AL
Stephen C. Yang — Baltimore, MD