Areas of responsibility will include the identification and assessment of new technologies introduced into the field of thoracic surgery, liaison with other STS Workforces in their efforts to address those issues, and recommending strategies for addressing those issues pertaining to new technology that are not within the scope of other STS Workforces' responsibilities.

Tsuyoshi Kaneko, Chair — St. Louis, MO
Natalie S. Lui, Vice Chair — Stanford, CA
Niv Ad — Silver Spring, MD
Marisa Cevasco — Philadelphia, PA
Caitlin T. Demarest — Nashville, TN
Desmond D'Souza — Columbus, OH
Jessica Forcillo — Montreal, Canada
Kendra J. Grubb — Atlanta, GA
G. Chad Hughes, IV — Durham, NC
Arminder S. Jassar — Boston, MA
John F. Lazar — Franklin, TN
Feiran Lou — Northborough, MA
Clauden Louis — Winter Haven, FL
Carlos Mery — Austin, TX
Gita N. Mody — Chapel Hill, NC
Janani S. Reisenauer — Rochester, MN
Uma Sachdeva — Boston, MA
Subhadra Shashidharan — Atlanta, GA
Gilbert H.L. Tang — New York, NY