Committees, Council Operating Boards & Workforces

Standing Committees

Executive Committee

During the intervals between meetings of the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee shall possess and may exercise all the powers of the Board of Directors in the management and direction of the affairs of the Society, except with respect to authority prohibited, prescribed or limited by resolution of the Board of Directors or by the Illinois General Not-For-Profit Corporation Act.
(from STS Bylaws Article VIII, Section 2)

Keith S. Naunheim, Chair
Joseph A. Dearani
Robert S.D. Higgins
Thomas E. MacGillivray
Richard L. Prager
Joseph F. Sabik III

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee shall work with the Executive Director in the development of the Society's annual budget, and shall oversee the performance of the Society in light of that budget throughout the fiscal year. The Finance Committee also shall review the independent auditor's report, oversee the Society's investment and other financial matters, and generally provide guidance to the Board of Directors related to the fiscal well-being of the Society.
(from STS Bylaws Article VIII, Section 3)

Mark S. Allen, Chair
Andrea J. Carpenter
Sean C. Grondin
Robert S.D. Higgins, Ex-Officio
Thomas E. MacGillivray, Ex-Officio
Joseph F. Sabik III, Ex-Officio

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee shall consider all applications for membership and report its recommendations to the Board of Directors. The Membership Committee also shall oversee the recruitment of new members.
(STS Bylaws Article VIII, Section 5)

Michael J. Weyant, Chair
David T. Cooke
Robert J. Dabal
Eric J. Devaney
Daniel L. Fortes
Shelley C. Lall
Daniel L. Miller
Edward B. Savage
Sandra L. Starnes

Nominating Committee

The committee shall prepare a slate of nominees for elected officers and the rest of the Board of Directors; provided, however, that no Honorary, International or Candidate Member shall be nominated for election to office; that no Honorary or Candidate Member shall be nominated for election to the Board of Directors; and that no Senior Member shall be nominated for election to office or to the Board of Directors unless his or her nomination is approved by the Board of Directors.
(from STS Bylaws Article VIII, Section 4)

Douglas E. Wood, Chair
David A. Fullerton
Mark S. Allen
Joseph E. Bavaria
Richard L. Prager
Keith S. Naunheim, Ex-Officio, Non-Voting

Standards and Ethics Committee

The Standards and Ethics Committee shall represent the Society, under the direction of the Board of Directors, in matters relating to standards of conduct in the specialty and in matters pertaining to medical ethics and discipline which involve members of the Society.
(STS Bylaws Article VIII, Section 6)

J. Scott Millikan, Chair
David Blitzer
Andrea J. Carpenter
Daniel H. Drake
Jennifer L. Ellis
John W. Entwistle III
Paul W.M. Fedak
Richard K. Freeman
John E. Mayer Jr.
John D. Mitchell
R. Scott Mitchell
Sudish C. Murthy
Allan Pickens
Sandra L. Starnes
James S. Tweddell
Douglas E. Wood
Richard L. Prager, Ex-Officio

Council Operating Boards & Workforces

Council on Meetings and Education Operating Board

Wilson Y. Szeto, Council Chair
Richard Lee, Chair, Workforce on Annual Meeting
Thomas K. Varghese Jr., Chair, Workforce on Clinical Education
Ara A. Vaporciyan, Chair, Workforce on E-Learning and Educational Innovation
Vinod H. Thourani, Chair, Workforce on International Meetings
Gorav Ailawadi, Chair, Workforce on New Technology
Craig J. Baker, Chair, Workforce on Thoracic Surgery Resident Issues
Monisha Sudarshan, Resident Appointee
Keith S. Naunheim, Ex-Officio


Council on Quality, Research, and Patient Safety Operating Board

David M. Shahian, Council Chair
Faisal G. Bakaeen, Chair, Workforce on Evidence Based Surgery
Jeffrey P. Jacobs, Chair, Workforce on National Databases
James I. Fann, Chair, Workforce on Patient Safety
Felix G. Fernandez, Chair, Workforce on Research Development
Michael J. Mack, Appointed Member
Domenico Pagano, Appointed Member
Joe B. Putnam Jr., Appointed Member
Richard J. Shemin, Appointed Member
Andrew B. Goldstone, Resident Appointee
Kevin D. Accola, Ex-Officio
Joseph A. Dearani, Ex-Officio
Bryan F. Meyers, Ex-Officio

Council on Health Policy and Relationships Operating Board

Alan M. Speir, Council Chair
Francis C. Nichols III, Chair, Workforce on Coding and Reimbursement
Stephen J. Lahey, Chair, Workforce on Health Policy, Reform, and Advocacy
Robbin G. Cohen, Chair, Workforce on Media Relations and Communications
John V. Conte, Appointed Member
John E. Mayer Jr., Appointed Member
Jeffrey B. Rich, Appointed Member
Peter Chen, Resident Appointee
Joseph C. Cleveland Jr., Ex-Officio
Robert S.D. Higgins, Ex-Officio

Council on Clinical Practice and Membership Engagement Operating Board

Francis D. Pagani, Council Chair
Pavan Atluri, Chair, Workforce on Adult Cardiac and Vascular Surgery
Gaetano Paone, Chair, Workforce on Associate Membership
Vinay Badhwar, Chair, Workforce on Career Development
Joseph A. Dearani, Chair, Workforce on Congenital Heart Surgery
Glenn J.R. Whitman, Chair, Workforce on Critical Care
Michael J. Weyant, Chair, Workforce on General Thoracic Surgery
Frank L. Fazzalari, Chair, Workforce on Practice Management
Jennifer S. Nelson, Chair, Workforce on Surgical Treatment of Adults with Congenital Heart Disease
Jonathan W. Haft, Chair, Workforce on Surgical Treatment of End-Stage Cardiopulmonary Disease
James R. Edgerton, Appointed Member
Clauden Louis, Resident Appointee
Shanda H. Blackmon, Ex-Officio
Joseph F. Sabik III, Ex-Officio