Board of Directors

The STS Board of Directors is responsible for formulating policy and maintaining the financial integrity of the Society.

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Much of the day-to-day governance of the Society is carried out by several essential committees, whose members act as stewards over STS policies, procedures, and financial well-being.

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In order to enhance the Board of Directors’ ability to manage the affairs of the Society, the operational activities of the Society conducted outside the auspices of the standing committees are divided among several Councils.

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PAC Board of Advisors

The Board of Advisors is responsible for establishing basic policies for the operation of STS-PAC, including protecting the property and affairs, and carrying out the purposes, of the PAC. In particular, the Board of Advisors determines the procedures for the solicitation and collection of contributions and subsequent distribution of funds to candidates in accordance with the Federal Election Campaign Act and regulations promulgated by the Federal Election Commission.

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Editorial Board

Annals editors are committed to bringing you science that’s both rigorous and relevant. They curate research that makes a direct impact on clinical practice, identifying and fulfilling needs and knowledge gaps to help you deliver the finest care to your patients. 

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Past STS Presidents

The STS President is the Society’s chief elected officer, presiding at the Annual Meeting and at meetings of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee. STS is honored to recognize those who have served in this important role.

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Self-Nomination Process

Every August, the Society invites members to volunteer for service within the STS governance structure using an online self-nomination web form. The self-nomination process for 2024-2025 is now closed, and 2025-2026 Society leadership positions will be open during August 2024.

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