A&P Minor Data Request Application

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5-digit number corresponding to the affiliated participant investigator in the Adult Cardiac Surgery Database (ACSD), General Thoracic Surgery Database (GTSD), or Congenital Heart Surgery Database (CHSD); or the 4 letter Code in case of Intermacs/Pedimacs database participants. The STS ND ID provided must correspond to the specialty database requesting data; e.g. General Thoracic Surgery Database requests should provide an ID corresponding to the GTSD.
Leaders of regional groups must authorize requests for regional data.
Database to be used:
Select Database:
Note: These data requests are intended for internal quality improvement and research purposes and not for presentation or publication.
Example: "I am revewing National results for AVR and need to have cases stratified into isolated AVR; AVR + MVR; AVR + CABG; AVR + MVR + CABG."
Example: "To demonstrate the progressive change of surgeon preference between mechanical and bioprosthetic aortic valves."
Example: "Patients having aortic valve replacement surgery."
Time Frame needed:
If the request is not self-evident from information provided, please upload a separate summary of the request and/or instructions on data output (e.g., table specifications, sample tables)
One file only.
10 MB limit.
Allowed types: pdf, doc, docx, xlsx, xls.