October 7, 2021
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Latin America Surgery Symposia Will Feature World-Class Insights

In November and December, two virtual collaborative events from STS and international partner organizations will showcase the latest advances in thoracic and cardiovascular surgery, featuring faculty from across the globe.

Hosted by STS, the European Association for Cardio-Thoracic Surgery (EACTS), and the European Society of Thoracic Surgeons (ESTS), the Latin America Thoracic Surgery Symposium on November 19 will offer new data and insights on managing patients with COVID, starting a lung cancer screening program, segmentectomy, and treating patients with chest wall trauma. Find details at sts.org/LatAmThoracic.

The STS/EACTS Latin America Cardiovascular Surgery Symposium on December 3 will present the latest developments and best treatment practices for coronary artery disease, valvular heart disease, thoracic aortic disease, atrial fibrillation, and the surgical management of heart failure. Learn more at sts.org/LatAmCardiac.

Dr. Stulak shows a different configuration for left ventricular venting in the Deep Dive video, “Post-Cardiotomy ECMO Support.”

Deep Dive Series Launches with More Critical Care Essentials

Complementing the popular 8 in 8 video series, the STS Deep Dive Series provides experts with a little more time to take in-depth looks at important cardiothoracic topics. The series launched with four videos highlighting must-know techniques in critical care.

Initiation of VV ECMO for COVID Patients

The coronavirus pandemic has led to a resurgence in use of veno-venous (VV) ECMO, which has become a salvage treatment when other therapies have failed. In this deep dive, presented by J.W. Awori Hayanga, MD, MPH, MHL, from West Virginia University Medicine, and HelenMari Merritt-Genore, DO, from Methodist Health System in Omaha, Nebraska, viewers will hear about emerging criteria, indications, and strategies for VV ECMO use for patients with COVID.

Post-Cardiotomy ECMO Support

Presenter John M. Stulak, MD, from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, leads viewers in exploring post-cardiotomy ECMO support for patients who have undergone a conventional cardiac operation and are unable to wean from cardiopulmonary bypass. Topics include cannulation configurations for VV and veno-arterial ECMO, left ventricular venting, troubleshooting failure to wean, and flow optimization.

In Part 2 (Thoracoabdominal Surgery) of the “Perioperative Care of the Aortic Surgical Patient” Deep Dive video, Dr. Chatterjee shares that “literally every organ system in the body is vulnerable during thoracoabdominal aneurysm repair.”

Perioperative Care of the Aortic Surgical Patient: Parts 1 and 2

In a series of two videos, Rita K. Milewski, MD, PhD, MSEd, from Yale School of Medicine in New Haven, Connecticut, along with Subhasis Chatterjee, MD, and Jonathan C. Hong, MD, both from Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, highlight the perioperative management of aortic surgery, identifying fundamentals and pitfalls. Part 1 focuses on aortic dissection, as well as proximal aortic and arch surgery with hemodynamic considerations and optimal neurologic outcomes. Part 2 focuses on managing the unique challenges of aortic aneurysm surgery and reducing the risk of spinal cord ischemia in the postoperative period.

The collection is free and available at sts.org/deepdive, as well as on the STS YouTube channel.

Application Submissions Begin Soon for Miami Beach Leadership Capstone

The STS Leadership Series is a unique learning experience designed to help early to mid-career cardiothoracic surgeons build and hone their leadership skills. The 2021 series of webinars will culminate in a capstone in-person event on Friday, January 28, prior to STS 2022 in Miami Beach, Florida—and attendance at the event is limited.

STS will consider applications from surgeons within their first 8 years of practice who have watched the three webinars, including “Leading During Crisis,” “Building Your Practice and Your Brand,” and “Promoting Your Brand.” There’s still time to watch these webinars and be part of the exclusive event. Information about the application process will be announced soon.

Visit sts.org/leadershipseries to take advantage of this career-building opportunity.

Critical Care Conference Showcases Cutting Edge of ERAS, ECMO

During the 18th Annual Perioperative and Critical Care Conference, more than 350 registrants and faculty came together for a 2-day virtual experience featuring techniques and technological advancements in cardiothoracic perioperative and critical care medicine.

The conference included live presentations, e-posters, abstract sessions, on-demand videos, a virtual technical exhibition, and social and wellness events for attendees to connect and unwind with colleagues.

Day 1 highlighted enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS), beginning with “What’s New” sessions covering cardiac and thoracic topics, complemented with panel discussions on issues, including “Making the Case for ERAS to Administrators” and “Can ERAS Equalize Outcomes Between Open and VATS?”.

The day continued with discussions on opioid avoidance in ERAS, postoperative atrial fibrillation, managing the right ventricle after left ventricular assistive device placement, and complications after thoracic surgery.

Linda W. Martin, MD, MPH, from the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, presented the session “Why Are We Avoiding Opioids in the First Place?”

During day 2, attendees explored the latest in extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO), with panelists and presenters addressing ethical controversies and conundrums in ECMO, goal-directed perfusion, and advanced life support after cardiac surgery. Sessions also addressed experiences with COVID “long-haulers,” and attendees had the privilege of hearing testimonials from two COVID survivors, who shared their stories of treatment, recovery, and living life after their illnesses.

During the conference, Errol L. Bush, MD, from Johns Hopkins Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland, discussed dual lumen cannulation as the “go-to strategy” for COVID ECMO.

If you missed the conference, the meeting content will be available for purchase this month through the STS Learning Center.

News Releases Draw Attention to Chewing Gum after Heart Surgery, ERAS Minimizing Opioid Use

The Society recently distributed two news releases that featured research presented during the 18th Annual Perioperative and Critical Care Conference.

Chewing Gum after Heart Surgery May Help Relieve Gut Problems

  • Researchers: Sirivan S. Seng, MD, Hakan Orbay, MD, PhD, and Charles M. Geller, MD
  • Main finding: Chewing gum after heart surgery may accelerate the return of gut function, helping patients feel better and potentially be discharged sooner than those
  • who don't use this intervention.
  • Featured in: TCTMD, HealthDay, and Cardiology Today

Patient-Centered Protocols Help Eliminate Excess Opioid Use after Lung Surgery

  • Researchers: Andres Zorrilla Vaca, MD, David C. Rice, MD, and colleagues
  • Main finding: Lung surgery patients who utilize a comprehensive, evidence-based enhanced recovery after surgery program require fewer opioid prescriptions when discharged.
  • Featured in: Medical Xpress

For more information, visit sts.org/media.